Hotels in Accra, East Legon

By | June 23, 2022
Hotels in Accra, East Legon

East Legon is located to the north-east of Accra Central, and neighboured by Spintex to the south; Madina and Ashaley Botwe to the north; The University of Ghana Campus and Achimota to the west; and Trasacco Estates to the east. The neighborhood boasts a very vibrant real estate market.

East Legon is home to some important people like foreign diplomats, members of Parliament, ministers of State, international footballers, and other dignitaries and celebrities, so naturally, there is a higher level of discipline, orderliness, and of course security in the neighborhood.

This encourages the more security-conscious members of the public to rent, buy property, or work here, so they have little to worry about by way of fear of theft and other social vices that are common in less secure places.

It allows for a relaxed and serene ambiance that augurs very well for productivity during work hours and recreation during rest periods. One of the best places to lodge, have fun, and connect to corporate life is East Legon.

Hotels in Accra, East Legon

East Legon also allows visitors and tourists to come into contact with interesting art, objects, ideas, and history. Now let’s take a look at the Hotels in Accra, East Legon:

  1. Cozy Apartments Ghana
  2. HGL Guest House
  3. The Villa Olive
  4. The Adina Guest House
  5. EL Exclusive Apartment
  6. Toms Apartment
  7. Stellar Danns Residence
  8. Monarch Hotel
  9. Home From Home GH
  10. NYD Luxury Palace
  11. The Gallery
  12. Royal Beaulah
  13. The Legacy Apartments
  14. Tigiplus + Luxury Apartments
  15. Rega Suites Ghana
  16. SBJ Palace
  17. The Wing Suites
  18. Riviera Residence
  19. Luxury In The City
  20. Plus Villas-East Legon
  21. Hotel Casarere
  22. Oak Plaza Hotels, East Airport
  23. PLSA-East Legon
  24. Haven City Apartments
  25. Stonehedge Place
  26. Amponaah Hotel
  27. The Highbridge Guest Lodge
  28. Autumn Terrace
  29. Ange Hill Hotel
  30. Phaneros Apartments
  31. Doc’s Suites
  32. Euro Homes Hotel
  33. Sonia Hotel
  34. Bell Apartments
  35. Calabash Green Executive Apartment
  36. Beauty Hotel
  37. Benconi Lodge
  38. Pekan Hotel
  39. African Regent Hotel
  40. The Azalea Residence
  41. Mensvic Grand Hotel
  42. Villa Monticello Boutique Hotel
  43. Fiesta Royale Hotel
  44. Airside Hotel
  45. Lavender Lodge Hotel
  46. Marnia Court
  47. Hilton View Hotel
  48. Hotel Green
  49. Afri-Royal Hotel
  50. Tang Palace Hotel
  51. The Congress Hotel
  52. Liana Hotel
  53. Eastgate Hotel
  54. Pekan Hotel
  55. Mirage Royal Hotel
  56. Chez Moi Hotel
  57. M Suites Hotel Ghana
  58. Miklin Hotel
  59. Bharridan Royal Hotel
  60. Double Tree Hotel
  61. Tribeca Hotel
  62. Kingsbridge Royale Hotel
  63. Tenko Plaza Hotel
  64. Goldenkey Hotel
  65. Erata Hotel
  66. Royal Cockpit Hotel
  67. Jaria Hotel
  68. Aristocrat Hotel
  69. Ave Maria Hotel
  70. Bond Royale Hotel
  71. Hotel Obama
  72. Best One Hotel
  73. Pilma Hotel
  74. Nadasa Royal Hotel
  75. Jewina Hotel

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