Highest Paying Companies In Ghana

By | October 17, 2022
Highest Paying Companies In Ghana

Knowing about the highest-paying companies in Ghana will enable the citizens or new graduates to choose the best and most desirable company to work with. The companies in Ghana comprise private and government companies. Let’s see in this article, the highest-paying companies in Ghana.

Highest Paying Companies In Ghana

These are the names of the highest-paying companies in Ghana;  


One of the biggest food and beverage manufacturers is Nestle. In Ghana nowadays, they are among the highest-paid businesses. A variety of benefits are provided to their employees in addition to the basic salary package. One such benefit is that the employee has access to health insurance. The staff member must work for the company for between six and twelve months before becoming eligible for health insurance.

Tullow Oil Plc

One of the firms in Ghana with the highest salaries is Tullow Oil. The business is an industry leader in independent oil and gas exploration and production. They started doing business in Ghana in 2006. The Group owns stakes in 80 exploration and production permits spread over 15 nations, and these permits are administered by three business teams: West Africa, East Africa, and New Ventures. The company’s primary business is oil exploration. Tullow provides its staff with a competitive benefits package in addition to a base income.

Deloitte Ghana

One of the most prestigious auditing firms in the world is Deloitte. Additionally, they are among Ghana’s highest-paid businesses. Businesses are constantly looking for top talent with expertise in management, consulting, auditing, and taxes.

Bank of Ghana

One of the government organizations in Ghana that pays the highest salaries is the Bank of Ghana. It is Ghana’s supreme bank. In addition to their base wages, the bank’s employees are entitled to enormous financial perks. Due to intense competition, it’s incredibly challenging to find employment here as a recent graduate.

MTN Ghana

Ghana’s largest telecommunications provider is MTN. One of the finest paying organizations in Ghana, they have thousands of centers spread out around the nation. The majority of its employees are Ghanaians, and they receive competitive pay. It is important to keep in mind, nevertheless, that depending on the position, their pay structures vary significantly.

KPMG Ghana

One of the best-paying auditing companies in Ghana is KPMG. The business offers consultancy, tax, and auditing services. The business takes pride in being Ghana’s oldest provider of professional services. KPMG is the best place to work if you’re a career person. In addition to paying its employees well, KPMG also recognizes excellence and develops talent.

Ghana National Petroleum Commission (GNPC)

One of the highest-paid companies in Ghana is the Ghana National Petroleum Commission. In order to assist the government’s goal of supplying a sufficient and dependable supply of petroleum products and lowering the nation’s reliance on crude oil imports, Ghana’s National Oil Company was founded in 1983.

Airtel Ghana

The second largest network operator in Ghana is now called Airtel Ghana, or AirtelTigo. Additionally, they are one of Ghana’s highest-paying businesses at the moment. Staff employees receive a highly competitive wage package. Airtel offers competitive salaries and other benefits to both contract and permanent employees.

Total Ghana

The fourth-largest publicly traded integrated worldwide oil and gas company in the world, Total Petroleum Ghana Limited is a subsidiary of the Total Group, which operates globally. The business is particularly significant to the economy’s energy sector. In Ghana, Total Petroleum Ghana Limited has a sizable network of service stations. In addition to the Manufacturing and Roads Sectors, its service offerings also include the Bitumen, Mining, and Aviation industries.

Eco Bank

One of Ghana’s top commercial banks is Ecobank. Ecobank has steadily increased in Ghana over the years to rank among the most recognizable corporate names in the banking sector. Eco Bank is one of the best when it comes to salary compensation. From entry-level positions to senior positions, the bank’s employees are well-paid.

There are other companies that are not found in this article therefore, it is necessary to do more research about the companies in Ghana to know more about them.

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