Ghana Immigration Service Medicals

By | September 14, 2022
Ghana Immigration Service Medicals

The Medicals entails checking your musculoskeletal assessment, Body Mass Index, Blood pressure, and Urinalysis at the designated hospital. At this stage, you will receive some fake attractive messages and e-mails congratulating your Medical examination pass after the aptitude test. Depending on your lab test results you might spend several days.

At this stage, you will receive some fake attractive messages and e-mails congratulating your Medical examination pass after the aptitude test. The fee per applicant to obtain a medical examination in order to obtain a medical certificate is GHs 1200 payable to the Ghana Immigration Service. Permits to obtain medical certificates from the GIS Medical Facility in Accra, including fees, types of tests conducted, hours of the clinic, and the obtainment of results.

     Tests. The tests conducted at the GIS medical facility include tests for Hepatitis A and B, HIV, Syphilis, lung and musculoskeletal diseases, central nervous system diseases, and sickle cell anemia, amongst others.

    Hours. The GIS clinic will be open from 12 P.M. to 4 P.M. each day from Monday through Friday. There are no appointments required as the clinic is a walk-in service.

    Results. Results will be ready within 24 hours and will be sent electronically to the work and residence permit sections of the Ghana Immigration Service as soon as they are ready. Copies will be made available to applicants upon request, but once the examination is over, applicants do not need to take any additional steps to receive the Medical Certificate.

Impact on foreign nationals

Applicants for Work and Residence Permits will incur additional costs since they will have to travel to Ghana to undergo their medical examination at the GIS headquarters or Sunshine Medical Healthcare and then leave the country to apply for their work and residence permit outside of Ghana.

Foreign nationals should also anticipate that the personal appearance requirement will increase the amount of time that it will take to file a work or residence permit application and therefore delay work start dates.

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