Francisca Lamini of Keta SHTS’ NSMQ Team Wins A Scholarship To Abroad At Harvard Medical School

By | April 8, 2022
Francisca Lamini of Keta SHTS’ NSMQ Team Wins A Scholarship To Abroad At Harvard Medical School

The Keta 2021 NSMQ female, being the person of Francisca Lamini, has won a fully-funded scholarship to study at Harvard Medical School after passing her WASSCE successfully.

Per the information revealed by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ghana, it was announced official on their Facebook page.

Latest Ghana is proud to announce to you today, that Francisca Lamini of Keta SHTS’ NSMQ Team Wins A Scholarship To Abroad At Harvard Medical School.

All the necessary documents of Francisca Lamini have been acquired for the national heroine before she leaves the shores of Ghana to pursue her medical career hence the message reads;

It was great having the young, intelligent Francisca Lamini at the secretariat earlier today before she leaves for her studies at the prestigious Havard Medical School.

According to records, Francisca Lamini was the only female contestant in the final stage of the competition of the Ghana National Science and Maths Quiz.

To many Ghanaians, this has become a great opportunity for Francisca and brought a glory to the nation Ghana at large, after gaining a scholarship to study at Harvard Medical School.

You might be surprised and wondering who the person of Francisca Lamini is, and we are here with some of the facts you would love to know about Francisca.

Interesting Facts About Francisca Lamini

  • First female to take Ketasco to the NSMQ finals: Franscisca first of all becomes the first female in the history of the school to take them to the finals of the NSMQ.
  • First Female to send Volta Region to NSMQ finals: No school from the Volta Region has ever made it to the finals of the NSMQ, but Francisca Lamini and her friends were able to do it with the help of her team.
  • First Female to make it to the finals in the last 8 years: Per checks, Francisca becomes the first female contestant to make it to the finals in the last eight years.
  • She topped her class from Primary to JHS: From Primary through Junior High, Francisca Lamini was always at the top of her class: she had been setting records of brilliance since she was a child. She is claimed to have excelled in school from elementary to junior high. She continued to SHS in the same light.
  • She is the member of Church of Pentecost: Not only is she serious with her books. She is also committed to her relationship with God. She is the PENSA president at her school, KETASCO.
  • Lamini was declared the most outstanding Female contestant: Owing to her brilliant performance, she was declared the most outstanding female contestant of the NMSQ 2021.
  • She score 8A’s in Nov/Dec: She confirmed scoring 8A’s when she sat for the Nov/Dec WASSCE while in second year.
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