Edumfa Prayer Camp

By | November 7, 2022
Edumfa Prayer Camp

Edumfa Prayer is among the popular prayer camps in Ghana. In this article, we shall see some history and basic info about the Edumfa Prayer Camp.

Edumfa Prayer is also known as Edumfa Heavenly Ministry located at Edumfa. Edumfa is a small town located in the Central Region of Ghana, next to the township of Abura Dunkwa. Let’s see in this article some info on Edumfa Prayer Camp.

Edumfa Prayer Camp

Apostle Emmanuel Bedford and Prophetess Rebekah Bedford are the leaders of the Edumfa Heavenly Ministry. Founded by the late Prophetess Grace Mensah, Edumfa Heavenly Ministry has been around for more than 60 years. Great testimony and amazing breakthroughs happen every day at Edumfa Heavenly Ministry, which is a holy place.

Fasting, prayer, and a clean lifestyle promote spiritual upliftment, which makes the power of the Spirit manifest, bringing about spiritual healing and curing long-term issues. Over 6000 people can fit in the camp. Everyone is admitted, whether they have a physical condition or a “psychiatric” sickness. All religions are welcomed by the community. We consider fasting and prayer to be essential elements of the global spiritual conflict.

Basic info

Address: Edumfa, Cape Coast, Ghana

Contact: 0244 997 200

Email: [email protected]

Edumfa Heavenly Ministry was once in union with the Church of Pentecost in Edumfa, but has departed due to some reasons which I do not want to state over here.

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