DVLA Plate Price In Ghana

By | February 12, 2022
DVLA Plate Price In Ghana

There are two main ways to get a car in Ghana. One is to buy it and the other is to rent one. If you want to purchase a car, you will have to go through the process of registering it with the cost of owning a vehicle in Ghana. To register your car as a driver you need to go to the DVLA office and do the needful which includes the car plate number.

DVLA Plate Price In Ghana

Car plate prices for the Ghanaian market have been on the rise since 2008. The price of a car plate in Ghana is determined by supply and demand, but also by the type of car plate. The cost of the DVLA plate for customized number plate per vehicle is about GH¢ 8,000.00 as of 2021.

To get a customized number plate you can visit the website of the drivers and vehicle license authority by the link online.dvla.gov.gh.

The prices for car registration is below;

1.MotorCycles (up to 200cc) is GH¢116.00

2.MotorCycles (above 200cc)/ tricycle is GH¢140.00

3. Motor Vehicle (up to 2000cc) is GH¢429.50

4. Motor Vehicle (above 2000cc) is GH¢544.00

5. Buses & Coaches is GH¢544.00

6. Rigid Cargo trucks up to 16 tons is GH¢544

7. Rigid Cargo trucks from 16-22 tons is GH¢564.00

8. Rigid Cargo trucks above 22 tons is GH¢614.00

9. Articulated trucks up to 24 tons is GH¢866.50

10. Articulated trucks up to 24 tons and below 32 tons is GH¢866.50

11. Articulated Trucks (Tipper Truck) is GH¢826.50

12. Articulated trucks above 32 tons is GH¢866.50

Commercial Vehicles

For commercial vehicles, the cost of registration of number plate is below;

  1. Motor vehicles (up to 2000cc) costs GH¢GH¢479.00
  2. To register for Rigid Cargo trucks (up to 16 Tons), you are required to pay GH¢524.00
  3. Rigid Cargo trucks (16 – 22 Tons) is registered at GH¢524.00
  4. Rigid Cargo trucks (Above 22 Tons) costs GH¢574.00
  5. The cost of registering car plate for a Rigid Cargo trucks (Above 24 Tons) is GH¢574.00
  6. Articulated Trucks (up to 24 Tons) number plate registration costs GH¢786.50
  7. Articulated Trucks (above 24 Tons and below 32 Tons) costs GH¢796.50
  8. Articulated Trucks (above 32 Tons) costs GH¢796.50

Steps In Getting A DVLA Plate In Ghana

  • An application letter
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Business location & contact details
  • Passport picture of owner & his identification
  • Renewal of Business Registration
  • Payment of prescribed fee

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