DSTV Packages And Their Charges In Ghana 2021

By | September 29, 2021

Do you want to purchase a DSTV decoder and begin enjoying your premium content at your own satisfaction?

If you tick the box, then you have probably thought about the amount you would be charged each month for the various packages DSTV has to offer to its subscribers.

In this write-up, we are looking at the prices you can be offered for the various packages of the DSTV in Ghana. The selection of the package should be dependent on the type of content you want to watch and your economic status since you need to be smart about the packages and not buy the one that may end up drying your pocket in no time.

DStv Ghana bundles contains different intriguing channels that air sports, diversion, financial, and news content. There are additionally spring up channels for diversion, sports, and other significant exercises across the world.

DStv has six (6) membership bundles for Ghanaians right now with the top notch bundle as the most costly at GHS 330 month to month and the DStv Access Bouquet costing GHS 40 month to month.

DStv Packages And Prices

The following are the various costs of the DSTV packages in Ghana

  • DStv Ghana Premium Package costs GHS 369/month with 185 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Compact Plus Package costs GHS 228/month with 172 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Compact Package costs GHS 152/month with 165 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Family Package costs GHS 86/month with 139 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Access Package costs GHS 49/month with 124 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Indian Bouquet GHS 142/month with 15+ Channels.

DStv Ghana Contact information

For further enquiries and information, you can contact Multi Choice Ghana through the following address.

MultiChoice Ghana Ltd

Number 8, Basko Close

Abelenkpe, Accra


Email: [email protected]

Tel: +233 302 740540 / +233 0244740540

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