Driving Schools In Kumasi

By | November 27, 2021

Driving schools have come to the rescue at a time where cars have flooded our streets. Attending a driving school is the easiest way of getting a DVLA-approved drivers license as the driving schools work in hand with the DVLA to ensure the smooth issuance of drivers’ licenses.

In today’s article, we are taking a look at the various official driving schools you can find in Kumasi.

There are many fake unapproved schools in town so it is better to carry out some background research before you pay money to any driving school for tutorship.

Courses Offered

Depending on your need, the various Driving schools have tailored courses that would suit your busy schedules. The following are some of the courses offered at the schools.


Below are the list of the approved Driving Schools in the Ashanti Region by the DVLA. You should not hesitate to contact any of them when you are looking for approved driving schools to learn from.

1Star Driving School0244 151685
2Faith Progressive Driving School0243145138
3KAJ Driving School0244 658028
4.Kessben Driving School05122365
5Cambodia Driving School0244 233278
6Pab Intelligent Driving School02243736246/0272987400
7Sefos and Sons Driving School0244 421422
8Duisburger Driving School0244 011084
9.Gabriel K.B. Driving School0244 644024
10Lixarp Driving School0244 122875
11I Kon B Driving School0244699076
12Road Runners Driving School0208122141/0245916188
13B B Driving School02493412177
14.Foks Driving School0502664262
15Quench Driving School0244652513
16Edonaks Driving School0243334214/0206148339
17Global Standard Driving School0202055231/0243145138
18Corban Driving School0244151904
182.Door Step Driving School0244979511
19A 4 Links Driving School0244219369
20Gyinpong Driving School0244763424
21Sefos and Sons Driving School0231573711/0242160169
22King Bashious Driving School0246736538
23Sizon Driving School 
24Glory Driving School0244618972
25Se – Manhyia Driving School0244202216/0209212277
26Freyas Driving School0244202216
27Goshen Driving School0244151904
28.1620 Driving School
29.A&J DRIVING SCHOOL0243044074
30.Chris Dec Driving School0243907269
31Davlin Driving School
32Ekas Driving School
33Frifex Driving School0208226202
34.Kasanteof(KAS) Driving School0244 998695
35.Kumasi Technical University Driving School
36.Max Defensive Driving School0243879899
37.Menka Driving School
38.Prudential Transport & Logistics0501386094
39.Quick Start Driving School0247227303
40.Sir Max Driving School
41.A & A Driving School0244564187/0208943109
42.African Driving School0245814797
43.Dejay Driving School0591259135/0503067817
44.Expertway Driving School0244830658
45.Mobile Drivers Academy0244888555
46.OB Driving School0244460352
47.Peko Driving School0553059011/0549261254
48ANGEL DRIVING SCHOOL0241392392/0556459441
49FRANC J DRIVING SCHOOL0202524110/0541122660
50GLOBEX DRIVING SCHOOL0322496372/0554646868

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