Districts in Accra

By | June 23, 2022
Districts in Accra

Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana, located on the southern coast at the Gulf of Guinea, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. Accra covers an area of 225.67 km2 (87.13 sq mi) with an estimated urban population of 5.1 million as of 2022.

Accra is the administrative, economic, and educational centre of Ghana. The city contains the head offices of all of the large banks and trading firms, the insurance agencies, the electricity corporation, the general post office, the large open markets to which most of the food supply comes, and the Accra Central Library.

Today, Accra is one of the wealthiest and most modern cities on the African continent, with a high quality of living by African standards. Though it is a city that has managed to escape the overblown fate of many other world capitals, it does contain its share of slums, congestion, pollution, and desperate poverty.

These are issues that city and national leaders must address before they can be said to practice good governance, which is leadership for the flourishing of all peoples.

Districts in Accra, Ghana:

  1. Ablekuma Central Municipal District
  2. Ablekuma North Municipal District
  3. Ablekuma West Municipal District
  4. Accra Metropolitan District
  5. Ada East District
  6. Ada West District
  7. Adenta Municipal District
  8. Ashaiman Municipal District
  9. Ayawaso Central Municipal District
  10. Ayawaso East Municipal District
  11. Ayawaso North Municipal District
  12. Ayawaso West Municipal District
  13. Dangme East District
  14. Dangme West District
  15. Ga Central Municipal District
  16. Ga District
  17. Ga East Municipal District
  18. Ga North Municipal District
  19. Ga South Municipal District
  20. Ga West Municipal District
  21. Korle-Klottey Municipal District
  22. Kpone Katamanso Municipal District
  23. Krowor Municipal District
  24. La Dade Kotopon Municipal District
  25. La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal District
  26. Ledzokuku Municipal District
  27. Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal District
  28. Ningo Prampram District
  29. Okaikwei North Municipal District
  30. Shai Osudoku District
  31. Tema Metropolitan District
  32. Tema West Municipal District
  33. Weija Gbawe Municipal District

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