Dacre Montgomery Biography, Height, Weight, And Everything You Need To Know

By | May 17, 2023

Australian actor Dacre Montgomery is well-known for his work in the movies “Power Rangers” and “Stranger Things” on Netflix. Here is his bio along with some pertinent information:

Dacre Montgomery Biography

On November 22, 1994, Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey was born in Perth, Western Australia. With a New Zealander father and a Canadian-New Zealander mother, he was raised in a creative household. Early on, Montgomery became interested in performing and took part in a number of school productions.

Montgomery started going to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Perth when he was nine years old, where he developed his acting abilities. He relocated to Sydney after finishing his education to pursue an acting career.

Dacre Montgomery Career

Dacre Montgomery’s breakout performance occurred in 2017 when he was chosen to play Billy Hargrove in the second season of the well-known Netflix series “Stranger Things.” His portrayal of the aggressive and unstable stepbrother of one of the main characters won him praise from the critics and helped him become well-known.

Additionally, in 2017, Jason Scott, the Red Ranger, played a part in the blockbuster movie “Power Rangers,” in which Montgomery also made an appearance. His portrayal demonstrated his acting ability, and he got compliments for his work.

Montgomery has kept working on several projects ever since. He had a leading role in the 2019 comedy-drama “The Broken Hearts Gallery.” Along with creating and directing short films, he has also starred in music videos.

Dacre Montgomery Height And Weight

Dacre Montgomery is about 178 cm (5 feet, 10 inches) tall. There isn’t much information accessible regarding his weight because it varies according on his roles and exercise regimens.

Other Information About Dacre Montgomery

Although Montgomery has a distinctive Australian accent, he can easily change it for different acting roles.
He maintains a significant online presence on social media sites like Instagram, where he posts updates on his professional and personal lives.

Montgomery has a passion for photography outside of acting and has posted examples of his work online.

He frequently participates in humanitarian initiatives and has backed causes like raising awareness of mental health.

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