Corolla S Price In Ghana

By | October 15, 2021
Corolla S Price In Ghana

The Corolla is a vehicle that has been around for over 50 years. It is the second-longest selling nameplate, after the VW Beetle. It was first introduced to the public in December of 1966 as an economy car by Toyota, and it has sold more than 40 million vehicles worldwide since then. The name “Corolla” actually means “crown of flowers” in Latin, which seems fitting for this beloved model.

The Corolla is a great car. It has become the world’s best-selling car nameplate, with over 40 million built and sold around the world. Toyota made a few changes to its top-selling sedan for 2017, but it remains largely the same.

What year is Corolla S?

The Toyota Corolla S is one of several models of the popular Toyota Corolla. The sporty trim level comes with a wide variety of features and options for each year of the tenth (2009–2013) and eleventh (2014–2016) generations.

Corolla S Price In Ghana

Below are the Corolla S Price In Ghana;

2015 Corolla S – $16,998

2014 Corolla S – $17,998

2010 Corolla S – $14,998

2016 Corolla S -$16,998

2012 Corolla S -$12,998

2013 Corolla S – $15,998

2011 Corolla S -$12,998

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