CIMAF cement price in Ghana

By | February 15, 2022
cimaf cement price in ghana

Cement is the binder that binds all materials together in construction. Cement, a naturally occurring material, has the basic elements of calcium, silicon, and oxygen. It is manufactured by heating these three elements and grinding them into a powdery substance.

Cement was used as early as 5000BC for making pottery and mortar for building. The Egyptians made use of cement to construct their pyramids. Today cement is used to build roads, bridges, buildings, etc.

CIMAF cement is one of the leading suppliers especially in Accra, Takoradi, Cape Coast, and Kumasi. It is available at various prices depending on the location where it is sold and also according to the quantity that one wants to purchase.

The CIMAF cement price per bag in Kumasi, Accra, or Takoradi ranges from GHC 35.00 – to 50.00 ghana cedis

So what are the benefits of cement? Cement has been used since ancient times. It is abundant and widely available, making it cheaper than other materials such as stone. Another benefit is that cement can be made in any shape or form. Architects commonly use cement to create buildings, pavements, and sculptures. Cement can even be poured straight into a form to make cement blocks.

Determining the quality of cement is an important process to ensure that it meets the design requirements and to ensure a high-quality end product. The most common methods for quality assurance tests used in the industry are physical testing, chemical testing, and radiography.

Physical tests are destructive tests and only give information on the properties of concrete at a single point in time. Cement grading is the process of testing a batch of cement to determine its quality. It is usually done by a third party as part of an inspection report, rather than on-site. Grading can be done for various reasons:

  • To check whether the correct material has been used – for example, if limestone powder was specified in the mix design and was delivered, but it turned out that granite powder had been supplied
  • To check whether workmanship or material have complied with agreed specifications
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CIMAF Cement Contact details


SE 1069 Adum-Kumasi, Ghana

Telephone: 03220-26811

E-mail: [email protected]

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