Check Out The Top 10 Neatest Towns In Ghana

By | May 10, 2021

Ghana is a country with many interesting places to visit, and some of the more popular tourists destinations are Kumasi, Accra, Tamale, and Cape Coast. Alongside these popular cities, there are plenty of quaint rural villages that offer a glimpse into traditional life.

Top 10 Neatest Towns In Ghana

Below is our list of the ten neatest towns in Ghana:

1. Accra

2. Kumasi

3. Ho

4. Takoradi

6. Koforidua

5. Sekondi-Takoradi

7. Tamale

8. Cape Coast

9. Elmina

10. Winneba

One of the major challenges facing many governments, past and present of this country is the issue of waste management. This is predominantly the result of people’s poor attitude to the disposal of waste. As a result of this, the government has even established a special ministry to handle the issue of filth. This is why the ministry of sanitation was established. It is rather unfortunate that irrespective of such a measure, nothing has really changed. The ministry over the years has set different targets to achieve but has not really been able to do so.

Not that these goals were too lofty to be achieved, but rather there has not been a real commitment by authorities as well as the general attitude of the citizenry. For instance, there was a pledge that Accra would become the neatest city in West Africa within a short time, but unfortunately, that has not been realized.

This story is however not the case of Assin Ashea in the central region. The chief of the town, Ahunu-Abobrim Prah Agyinsam VI, has put in place serious measures to ensure the town is very tidy. The town has chosen Wednesday to be the cleaning day. On this day, despite it being a weekday, the citizens put a hold on whatever they do and engage in the communal work.

There are also dustbins by the roadside throughout the town painted with the colors of the flag.

There are concerted efforts by the people to maintain this status as the neatest town in the country. As a result of this, the town has not recorded any cases of cholera in more than ten years.

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