How To Change Your Program After Been Admitted To KNUST – A Complete Guide 2022

By | December 27, 2021
How To Change Your Program After Been Admitted To KNUST - A Complete Guide 2022

Each and everyone has a solid reason why he or she applied for admission at the tertiary level, and this can be a reason why you would go for a particular University program.

For someone who would love to become an accountant, there are numerous programs you could partake such as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with any option like; Accounting, Banking and Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Procurement Management, Business Information Technology, Marketing Management, International Business Management, Human Resource Management.

To become an personality under any of the faculty of physical sciences programs such as; Bsc. Chemistry, Bsc. Physics, Bsc. Meteorology and Climate Science, Bsc. Mathematics, Bsc. Actuarial Science, Bsc. Statistics. Bsc. Computer Science, you need to be someone of a Science background who loves Mathematics.

Other programs such as Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering all are required that you apply with your Science background certificate.

Many people go to the University to strive for the highest grades, positive relationships, and make something valuable out of their University life at the end.

Before a student will be admitted into a University, there is a chance during the application process for students to choose programs or courses they want to study throughout their application procedure. Applicants do select programs of their choice popularly known as first choice and make the selection of another program known to be second choice.

Every student has the desire to be admitted into the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST) — to partake in a program of choice and pass successfully. This makes the first choice prior to every applicant, but some would love to be admitted for their second choice.

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After Universities issue provisional admission letters, some applicants tend to get admission to partake in their least wanted programs they wanted to read.

What happens when you got your first choice of course but would love to go for your second choice of course at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology (KNUST) today?

Well, this article has every necessary detail to inform you about How To Change Your Program After Been Admitted To KNUST with the Complete Guide in 2022.

Can Applicants Change Their Programmes Of Study After Gaining Admission To KNUST?

Many students have been asking managements and many more online portals — if they could possibly change their programms of study after gaining admission to KNUST successfully. Yes, you can change your admission programm into a choice of course you would love to read.

Follow this article with all the full guide on How To Change Your Program After Been Admitted To KNUST – A Complete Guide 2022.

How To Change Your Program After Being Admitted To KNUST

If you are still insist to change your admission programm after being admitted, you would have to finish your first year of the program to which you were admitted for. Supposing you were accepted into KNUST to read Bsc. in Electrical Engineering and want to switch to Bsc. in Computer Science, you must complete level 100 as an Electrical Engineering student and inform the Head of Department (HOD) of the selected program and also inform the Head of Department (HOD) of the program you wish to change to.

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Bear in mind that — the next program you would want to change to should be similar to the previous one. If you are Electrical Engineer student, going for Computer Science, BSc Chemical Engineering or Petroleum Engineering.

You cannot apply for a new program outside your course line. For instance, an engineering student cannot be permitted to change his or her major to Business Administration with Accounting option.

Your newly selected program’s Head Of Department (HOD) will make a request for your examination results of your previous program, and make the changes for your new program if you meet the requirements and more room is available for admitting new students to partake such program.

This is how easily it is, if you would love to know more about the Complete Guide on How To Change Your Program After Been Admitted To KNUST in 2022.

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