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By | September 3, 2021

Finding the best price for car parts can be very stressful at times which is why AutoParts are here for you. AutoPartsGh is Ghana’s largest online marketplace for all your Car Parts and accessories.

This post will take you through how AutoPart Ghana works and some of the products and services they offer to the Ghanaian populace.

Let’s delve right into it.

The Product And Services AutoParts Ghana Offers

a. Car Parts Sales

Automobile parts and accessories are sold on an online marketplace. The platform enables various shops and individuals who want to sell more or expand their business by selling their products to millions of customers in West Africa via the internet.

b. Purchase Car Parts

The website, like the marketplace, contains over 10,000 car parts for sale by car parts retailers and individuals. This allows users to acquire parts for their vehicles whenever and wherever they choose across the country. Customers save time and other resources to resolve their auto-related difficulties because of this platform’s quicker access to thousands of Sellers.

c. Business Promotion Support

Businesses can use our platform to boost brand recognition by advertising. Sponsored Product Promotions, Display Advertising, Data Analytics, and Customer Engagement Tools are some of the services we offer. Increased exposure, faster sales, higher revenue, a wider customer base, insights, and trend analytics benefit these services.

d. Product Search Support

Are you in urgent need of a car part? Individuals and businesses can use our PRS system to post specific requests for car parts on our site. Our automatic engagement tools process these inquiries and notify all Car Parts dealers and individuals likely to sell such items.

Our system ensures that suppliers contact the customer as soon as possible to offer the needed parts. We enable customers to promote their Car Parts-Requests, making them stand out from the crowd and communicating their urgency to potential sellers wanting to stock the items in their stores.

How To Post Products At AutoPart Ghana

  1. To get started, visit
  2. Provide details for products- Product Title, Description, Price, Condition, Photos, and Contact information
  3. Confirm and Submit your Parts
  4. Our Sales team review and approve the post.

How To Buy Products At AutoPart Ghana

  1. Simple visit
  2. Search and browse through our list of Car Parts and accessories.
  3. Choose your required product and click it.
  4. Read the details of the product and click the “Show contact” button to contact the seller.

How To Promote Your Ad/Product Of AutoPart Ghana

  1. Visit 
  2. Click “My products” and Click on the item you want to promote
  3. Or you can also simply search for your item and browse to select your item. On the item details page click “Promote Ad”
  4. Scroll to the Promote section and choose a promotional package
  5. Confirm payment
  6. Your Payment will be verified by Our sales team and the Promotion approved.

Address And Contact

Location: 1st Palm Link, Haatso, Accra

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +233 24 655 6782 Or +233 50 969 3613

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