Borehole Drilling Companies In Ghana

By | October 17, 2021

Borehole drilling companies are companies that seek to provide potable water for both domestic and commercial purposes with the help of modern machines. Since water is very essential in our day to day activities, there has been a persistent increase in the number of drilling companies in the nation at the moment.

I believe that if you find yourself reading this article, then you are actually looking for a borehole drilling company to assist you in one way or the other.

At this juncture, I am going to highlight some functions of drilling companies

Functions Of Borehole Drilling Companies

  • They offer potable water to their clients.
  • They also assist customers with the right purification agent to go for in purifying water.

Drilling Companies In Ghana And Their Locations

The following are some of the drilling companies in Ghana

  • H2O Solutions Tech Ltd

H2O Solutions Tech Ltd is an overseas company in Ghana with the aim of avoiding the use of unwholesome water. They can be located at places such as Ashyie near Infin filling Station, Accra and Adenta Road.

  • Krista Borehole Drilling Company Ltd

Krista Borehole Drilling Company Ltd is an indigenous company in the nation. They work within some towns and villages. You can reach them at places such as Abuiri, Kasoa, Adenta, Accra, Tema, Kumasi and other areas.

Tel: +233 5471 79 464

  • Able Water Solution

Able Water Solution is considered as one of the best drilling companies you can find in the nation. They have offered excellent services to their customers for a couple of years. You can reach them at North Kaneshie.

Tel: +233 303966266

  • Aquasafe Watercare Limited

Aquasafe Watercare Limited is a company that offers new water treatment remedies to their customers. Their services is it basically for commercial and domestic purposes. If you are in need of them, then you can locate them in Accra, Oak Avenue and East Legon.

Tel: +233 244 651 964

  • Global Water Ghana Limited

You can find them at Adenta Down Lane, Accra and they are specialists in the drliing of boreholes especially boreholes that uses solar energy.

Tel: +233 30290 3420

  • Animax Borehole Drilling

Animax comes in the picture when you are looking for a competent company to take care of all your needs regarding boreholes and water irrigation.

Tel: +233 244 544 744

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