Bone Straight Hair Price In Ghana 2022

By | January 1, 2022
bone straight hair price in Ghana

Bone Straight hair is one of the most admired hair brands that is very popular in Ghana used by many celebrities. Looking at its softness and curly outlook, bone straight hair brings more beauty to your hairstyle — more than the normal hairstyles you have been doing from your hair stylish person.

Bone straight hair has become the standard for some Ghanaian ladies despite its high cost in value.

In Ghana, it is seen how bone straight hair is promoted a lot by our celebrities, due to its quality and beautiful it looks — though it is expensive. Since the hairstyle has a great impact on the general appearance of ladies, born straight hair has become one of the cherished hair type by ladies for their beautification.

For time sake, I would like to explain to you on the best bone straight hair features and price in Ghana for 2022.

What Is Bone Straight Hair Meaning?

Bone Straight hair is a raw hair from multiple donors, usually of Peruvian or Cambodian origin. The bone straight hair has a hair that is straight — despite the length of it. To further, the bone straight is a kind of raw, straight and firm hair that is thin, sleek, scanty and well knotted from the weft to the bottom.

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Per the name can tell you how straight the hair is — giving you sleek hair for every classy woman out there in Ghana.

Features Of Bone Straight Hair

This part gives you much information as features of bone straight hair in Ghana.

Little or No Styling requires

One does not need to worry about styling the bone straight hair before using it for occasion. You can spend less time to brush and comb your bone straight hair.

It Cannot Be Curled

It’s very interesting to know that the bone straight hair cannot be curled. Natural straight hair is the hair you can constantly curl whenever you feel like switching up with styled.

Iit Is Very Flat

Despite bone straight hair being straight, the natural straight hair is flat in shape. Bone Straight hair is incredible flat and you would love to use or give it a first try.

Bone Straight Hair Price in Ghana

There are varieties of bone straight hairs and the price varies on the type of bone straight hair you would love to buy.

The Price Of Bone Straight Hair In Ghana Cedis is selling between GHS 500 to GHS 5,000 respectively. The bone straight hair as it is best known for its expensive price — has become the taste of every Ghanaian lady to give it a try for her beauty appearance.

Where To Buy Bone Straight Hair Product In Ghana

The Latest price of bone straight hair in Ghana is very cheaper and affordable since you can get some to buy from many hair selling shops in Ghana.

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If you are looking for where To Buy A Bone Straight Human Hair In Ghana, then we have more information about the whereabouts to make purchase for Bone Straight hair in Ghana. You can check stores and online platforms such as:

  • Jumia Ghana
  • JiJi Ghana
  • Tonaton Ghana

Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Straight Hair Price in Ghana.

how much does bone straight hair cost in Ghana

The bone straight hair costs between GH¢ 500 to GH¢ 5,000 in Ghana.

price of bone straight wig in Ghana

The price of bone straight wig is selling between GHS 300 to GHS 500 in Ghana.

Double Drawn Hair price in Ghana

Bone straight hairs can be classified into: Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn.

Bone Straight Hair Prices & Types In Ghana

Bone Straight Hair Price In Ghana costs between GH¢ 500 to GH¢ 5,000 only.

Bone straight hair price in Nigeria 2022

Generally, the prices of the Bone Straight Hair In Nigeria ranges from N60,500 to N300,500. Note that this price range can change during celebration period in Nigeria so It’s advisable you buy them during Normal times.

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