Ashongman Estate House Prices In Ghana

By | October 2, 2021
Ashongman Estate

Most people would find it difficult to live in a house with an average value of $1 million. But there are some who would do anything to own one. For them, the price is not a big deal. They can afford it, no matter how much it is. A good example of this is the owner of the Ashongman Estate House, Ghanaian billionaire Kwabena Duffuor.

His personal net worth was estimated at $1 billion by Forbes in 2016 and he has been on Forbes’s list of 100 Richest People in Africa for three years running now (2014-2016). This is because he inherited his late father’s company which was worth $2 billion at that time but after years of success. Ashongman is a developing town in the Ga East Municipal district, a district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The town is separated into three sub towns which are the ashongman Estate, Old ashongman, and Manna. Practically 70% percent of the streets are awful. Individuals of Ashongman need the public authority to develop streets.

Ashongman Estate House Prices In Ghana

There are 199 houses for sale available in Ashongman. The average price is ₵786,398, while the cheapest house available starts at ₵220,000 and the most expensive costs ₵2,630,400. These houses are listed by verified realtors, property owners, and well-known real estate developers. The rooms at Ashongman Estate range from a 2 bedroom to a 10 bedroom.

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