Beach Resorts in Accra

By | June 25, 2022
Beach Resorts in Accra

Coastal areas are those which are most visited by tourists and in many coastal areas tourism presents the most important economic activity. Some beaches have man-made infrastructures, such as lifeguard posts, changing rooms, and showers.

They may also have hospitality venues such as resorts, camps, hotels, and restaurants nearby. Beach resorts evolve from natural contexts through the expansion of accommodation and other recreational functions. With greater size, they lose their natural characteristics and become increasingly urbanized.

The transition from natural to urban resort is often rapid, with some beach resorts being transformed into cities in less than two decades. The large numbers of international and domestic tourists that frequent beach resorts provide economic opportunities for governments, businesses, and those seeking employment.

Beach Resorts in Accra

In Ghana, beach resorts – from modest lodges to high-end retreats — make the most of this hospitable West African country’s sandy, Atlantic Ocean beaches. Whether you’re near the capital Accra or driving deeper into the country, you’re never that far from a sun lounger or a surfboard. Here are some of the best beach resorts in Accra:

Bojo Beach Resort

Bojo Beach Resort is a fun private beach resort, that offers a range of 35 rooms and suites – all kitted out to a high standard – in Bortianor, 12mi (19km) from Accra. There’s an appealing outdoor pool if for some reason you don’t fancy the resort’s stretch of private beach, and the hotel also makes the most of its proximity to the Densu River Delta with canoeing experiences. It’s handy for those who might have reason to be near Accra, and don’t want to drive for hours to a resort.

La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

La Palm Royal Beach Hotel is situated in Ghana’s capital city center, hugging the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This resort is one of the most sought-after accommodation options for businessmen, government delegations, and tourists on holidays in Accra. A world of luxury that features more than 150 rooms, eight bars and restaurants, a swimming pool, a shopping mall, a casino, and a health club, creating the feeling of a village complete. La Palm Royal Beach Hotel is a perfect romantic beach getaway for relaxation.

Labadi Beach Hotel

The Labadi Beach Hotel is a premier hotel, resort, and business address in Ghana’s capital city of Accra. The resort is a large and luxurious resort right on the edge of the ocean. A great place to make as a base while exploring the coast of Ghana, true African relaxation. Overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches, Labadi Beach, the Labadi Beach Hotel gives you access to their very own private beach, the perfect spot to come and marvel at the Atlantic Ocean. Located within easy access to both the city of Accra and the airport, Labadi Beach, is a place where tourists and business travelers meet and play in Ghana.

Laboma Beach Resort

Holiday-makers have been flocking to the sunny resort of Laboma Beach Resort on the grounds of the ever-popular Laboma Beach for as long as Accra has been a holiday destination. And it’s easy to see why, with some of the region’s best beaches, and why Afro Nation Ghana have chosen this incredible location as their next festival destination – one of the best music festivals in Africa.

Busua Beach Resort

Busua Beach Resort is part of the Golden Beach Hotels Group, and one of two in Accra. Luxurious and detail-oriented, Busua is a paradise for relaxation, known as a destination for leisure and a destination for leisure and pleasure providing accommodation for travelers in the Ghanaian capital. Busua boasts over 50 luxurious rooms and suites in chalet style and restaurants with mouth-watering cuisine. Dining is top-notch, and all sorts of cultural and adventure experiences can be had around the area of the resort, with several acres of natural sandy beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A prime destination that makes every nature lover’s dream come true.

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