Former Colleagues Of Late Elvis Kwashie Recount Fond Memories Of Him

By | March 13, 2022
‘Elvis Kwashie Was A Classic Example Of How To Play Gatekeeping Role As Media Person’ – Mahama

Some former colleagues of the deceased Joy Brands Manager, Elvis Kwashie on Friday, March 11, 2022, took their turns to recount how Elvis impacted their lives.

Sharing fond memories of their former boss, colleague, and friend, they noted that one of the things Elvis will be remembered for is his dedication to work and the good relationship he built, especially with people around him.

Check below for more about the Multimedia Group’s late boss, and how Former Colleagues Of Late Elvis Kwashie Recount Fond Memories Of Him.

“Even if he disagreed with you, he will politely put across his views [and] I know without a doubt that when some of us left and he took over, he did a great job,” Kofi Owusu, who was once a Programmes Manager for the Joy Brands and a colleague of Elvis, recalled.

Former Aide to former President John Dramani Mahama and a former colleague of Mr. Kwashie, Stan Dogbey, said “Elvis was a clear example of someone who knew how to play that gatekeeping role of the media. My earliest memory of him was when Matilda Asante introduced me to him. We had quite an interesting time in the days back at Joy FM.

“He knew what he wanted to achieve, they had a lot of impact on us, he was one of those calm people who forcefully made his point, you can’t scare him. He has proven to me and many people what it means to work in the background to drive change and grow brands,” he added.

Recalling their moments together in the Joy Newsroom, a Former JoyNews Editor and a Senior Editor with the Media General, Dzifa Gbeho Bampoh, said one of the things she picked up from Elvis was his habit of making-up or reconciling after heated arguments.

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“We worked close to 12 years. When we met initially, we didn’t like each other. He thought I was too aggressive and full of myself, and I also thought he underestimated me. There were times in the newsroom when he and I will clash but we didn’t leave the office angry, we may have had heated arguments over production, perspective, but at the end of the day, that is where it ends,” she said.

Also, Head of Personal Banking at Access Bank Ghana, Matilda Asante-Asiedu, said “there was a lot you will learn interacting with him. I will miss his laughter, I will miss his person, Elvis was a good person. Though he is gone, it will be very difficult to forget him. It is a great loss, we can not question God, Elvis was a firm believer in God, and he believed that in all things, we should give thanks.

“It is a great loss, we can not question God, Elvis was a firm believer in God, and he believed that in all things, we should give thanks. My condolences once again to his wife, family, and to Kwesi Twum,” she added.


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